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Friends of Iffley Village Committee (2020-2021)


Laura Cope

Alex Coren                        Highways

Kate Griffin                       Treasurer

Ged Guinness                   Security       (

Gail McLintock                  Membership (

Diana Nettleton

Sarah North

Celia Palmer                     Trees and fields

Paul Pemberton

Rosie Penna

Caroline Pond                   Planning (

Helen Potts (co-opted)      Events

Marianne Puxley               Secretary

Martin Reed                      Treasurer-elect

Nick Ringshall

Nick Spencer Chapman     Website

Mike Starks                      Chair   (

David Wiles                      Newsletter & Noticeboards

Emily Williams                  Shop   (


Note: Alex Coren, Ged Guinness, Gail McLintock, Rosie Penna, Martin Reed and Nick Ringshall are also members of a Planning sub-group, working with Caroline Pond.