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At the AGM in May, concerns were again raised about damage to parked cars, blocked pavements, disabled and abandoned vehicles being left on Iffley’s streets, sometimes for months, and traffic jams caused by delivery and collection vehicles.


Cllr. Ed Turner said that more of East Oxford has adopted residents’ only parking, so commuters increasingly use unregulated streets such as Iffley Turn.


Dense parking there and in parts of Church Way are making corners dangerous.


Some parking controls in Iffley will soon become inevitable. So early in July, Cllr. Turner, OCC Traffic staff and FOIV representatives met to examine the problems.


They propose double yellow lines – small-size to minimise visual impact – around the junction of Iffley Turn with Anne Greenwood Close, and on Church Way near the corner of Meadow Lane and extending to Hartley Russell Close.


The yellow lines would be site-specific, not generic, and will not lead to residents’ permits and otherrigorous controls.


During this winter, details of the proposals will be displayed on the OCC and FOIV websites and on Iffley notice boards, ahead of consultations with residents.


If local people approve the proposals and Council funding is sufficient, the schemes may be implemented next spring.


Such short lengths of restricted parking would improve safety and reduce traffic jams by creating gaps where delivery and collection vehicles can wait briefly and large trucks can pass each other.