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Saturday 9th July 2016


IMG_2849 The String Project

The young professional band The String Project  played in Iffley for the first time, They play and sing Celtic folk music and jazz.


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'Last night’s party is rated a great success, one of the best for several years - in spite of the indifferent weather.


This achievement was due entirely to the hard work and complementary talents provided not just by committee members themselves but also their loyal spouses, Ian Maclean, Jill Guinness and John McClintock. Laura and Pauline (+Ian) did a wonderful job of the food preparation, serving, and clearing up aided by Felicity, likewise Ged & Jill for the drinks.


Richard’s recruitment of Ben Mowat’s musicians was an inspired choice, and Gail and Kate’s quietly efficient administration of the tickets made it all happen.


There was so little for me to do I was socializing with old friends, and introduce new arrivals to their neighbours etc'.

Caroline Pond 10th July 2016