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Bees, birds and Iffley people enjoy the wild flowers sown by Oxford Preservation Trust.


The FOIV Summer Party will be in the Church Hall and its patio to enable annual mowing to be delayed until after the plants have set seed, thus ensuring as good a show next year.


Following FOIV’s alert, OPT has promised action on the dead willow & other trees in the SW corner (nearest to the Church).




Saturday 20th August 2-5pm

Oxford Preservation Trust  Annual Clean up of Glebe field


In 1996, long-term residents of a nearby property John & Joan Critchley, bought this field from the Church Commissioners and gave it to Oxford Preservation Trust to preserve it as an Iffley amenity.

Mrs Critchley died on 28th July 2014 aged 96, her legacy has funded OPT’s recent improvements to her family’s generous gift.

As well as restoring the gate, OPT has sown wild flowers in the copse on the far side, and removed the WWII concrete platform and underlying structures, which was crumbling after 75years. The field continues to be used for a few local events,

Can you help with the clean up of this field?

Contact Richard for info