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Film nights


Six times a year in the Church Hall

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2018 Film Nights for your diary


French Film weekend 14th -16th Sept

Iffley Church Hall


4 films by Directors including Francois Truffaut and Guillaume Canet


A classic from 1959 as well as 3 newer films.


Tickets are now selling fast for the Film Weekend. You can secure a ticket for any or all of the 4 films from the Iffley Shop or buy on the door, if any are available.

Saturday afternoon has more tickets available than the other films.

Films will be shown at Iffley Church Hall, 116-122 Church Way, Oxford OX4 4EG.


Pity to miss this new film 'Redoubtable,' funny and irreverent. In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Paris month of revolution, it is about the director Jean Luc Godard and his involvement in the events of 1968 when students took to the streets in France to pursue political change. Godard, despite previous success, renounces all his previous work and sets off to join the revolution. There is male and female nudity, so please note the 15 certificate!

Fri 14th Sept. 7.00 pm Francois Truffaut’s ‘Les 400 Coups.’ [400 Blows] Truffaut’s first feature film, based on his own childhood experiences. One of the best films ever about growing up, as his young hero tussles with the adult world.

Sat. 15th Sept. 2.30 pm Remember ‘The Artist?’ Director Michael Hazanavicius evokes the spirit of 1968 and the ‘events’ in Paris with a film, ‘Redoutable’ [Redoubtable] about the prolific director Jean Luc Godard. Funny and irreverent.

Sat. 15th Sept. 7.00 pm A great thriller, directed by Guillaume Canet, ‘Ne le Dis a Personne,’ [Tell No One] will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seats as an accused man fights to establish his innocence.

Sun. 16th Sept.  4.00 pm ‘’L’heure d’ete [Summer Hours] Directed by Olivier Assayas, is a warm and wise drama about a family deciding on the fate of their childhood home. Starring Juliette Binoche.

A short concert is included in the Assayas ticket.  You’re invited to stay on and have a drink and snack with us, from 6-7 pm while we listen to Jenny Howe and Claire Johnson revisit some nostalgic French music with guitar and accordion.


* * * All films will include wine or soft drinks in the price of the tickets, which remain at ONLY £5.00. Tickets are available from the Iffley Shop or on the door. Please do buy in advance if you are able to do so. Plus, we have set up an e-mail address if you are at a distance and find it difficult to access the Shop. It is Name, film choice and numbers will reserve tickets which must be collected 15 minutes before each performance.