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FOIV Constitution 2015

Constitution of the Friends of Iffley Village



1.         Name

           The name of the organisation is the Friends of Iffley Village.


2.         Purpose

           The purposes of the organisation are: conservation of the essential character of Iffley village and its Conservation Area for the benefit

           of its residents, businesses and visitors; to monitor and guide plans proposed for the future of the Village, and to foster community                    



3.        Membership

           (1)        The organisation shall have membership.                    

           (2)        Membership shall be renewed annually on payment of a subscription.

           (3)        The organisation shall keep an up-to-date membership list.


4.         Management Committee

           (1)        The organisation shall be managed by a committee elected or confirmed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

           (2)        The Committee shall make and carry out decisions in accordance with the purposes of the organisation. For the avoidance of    

                        doubt, it has the power to:    

                        i.          Raise funds, receive grants and donations and levy subscriptions;

                        ii.         Apply funds to carry out the work of the organisation;

                        iii.        Co-operate with and support other organisations with similar purposes.

            (3)       The Committee shall consist of a minimum of five and a maximum of eighteen members.

            (4)       Any member of the organisation may stand for election to the Committee and may put themselves forward by making their

                       wishes known to the Chair of the Committee. Nominations must be received at least one week before the AGM, together with

                       the names of a proposer and seconder.

            (5)       Committee members may serve for three years; they shall retire at the end of that term but may stand for re-election.

            (6)       During the year, the Committee may co-opt up to three non-voting additional members, who will stand down at the next AGM

                        but may then stand for election at the AGM.

            (7)       The Committee will usually hold at least three documented meetings each year, with notice given to all Committee members.

            (8)       At their first meeting after the AGM the Committee shall appoint, where necessary, or confirm, a Chair, Secretary and


            (9)       Committee decisions requiring a vote shall be made by a simple majority of Committee members present.

            (10)     The quorum for Committee meetings shall be one third of Committee membership at the time of the meeting. Should

                       Committee membership fall below nine, the quorum shall be five Committee members.

            (11)     Minutes shall be kept for every meeting and circulated to Committee members and to other FOIV members on request (with

                       confidential matter redacted if necessary).

            (12)     The Committee may make reasonable additional rules to help run the organisation that must be approved at the next AGM or



5.         General Meetings

            (1)       An Annual General Meeting of members of the organisation (AGM) shall be held every year. An Extraordinary General

                       Meeting shall be held at the Committee’s discretion but will usually only be held where the Committee decides that the

                       business is of such a nature that it must be transacted before the following AGM or if formally request by at least one third of

                       FOIV members.

             (2)     The purpose of the AGM is to allow members of the organisation to elect or confirm the members of the Committee, to

                       present the annual reports and accounts of the organisation to members, to keep members informed of the organisation’s  

                       activities and to discuss matters arising.

             (3)      A decision to wind up the organisation or to change the Constitution may only be made at a General Meeting.

             (4)      Any member may attend a General Meeting. General Meetings shall be chaired by the Chair of the Committee, or, if

                        unavailable, another member of the Committee.

             (5)      Notice of General Meetings shall be given to members.

             (6)      The quorum for General Meetings is 10 members.

             (7)      Decisions requiring a vote shall be made by a simple majority of members present. In the event of a tie, the Chair shall have  

                        the casting vote.

             (8)      Minutes shall be kept for General Meetings and will be made available on request to all members of the organisation.


6.         Money and Property

             (1)       Money and property shall only be used for the organisation’s purposes.

             (2)       All expenditure shall be agreed and controlled by the Committee.

             (3)       Money not in use must be held in the organisation’s bank account.

             (4)       Up to four Committee members shall be signatories to the bank account at any given time, usually the Chair, Vice-chair,

                        Treasurer and Secretary. All cheques shall require two of those signatures.

             (5)       The Committee shall keep accounts which shall be independently examined each year and presented to the AGM.

             (6)       The most recent annual accounts may be reviewed on request by any member.


7.         Winding up

                         On winding up, any money, documents or property remaining after payment of debts shall be given to an organisation with              

                         purposes similar to those of this organisation.


The Friends of Iffley Village was founded in 1959. This Constitution was adopted at the AGM on 12 May  2015, as noted in the minutes of the meeting.