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Iffley is proud of its long history and varied landscapes including a weir and lock,  and the ancient and magnificent St Mary’s Church in its spacious churchyard.


Its many and varied buildings, constructed over the past nine centuries, help create a village atmosphere


In 1969, Oxford City Council declared part of Iffley to be a Conservation Area. This was extended in 1985 to cover three-quarters of the village, including many historical buildings, several modern housing developments and some of the river frontage and fields. Within such an area owners must maintain buildings, trees, fields and stone walls (many made from local limestone) and any modifications are subject to special requirements.


Iffley Tapestry made by Iffley residents in 1987, which  hangs in the Church Hall. More information may be gained from a booklet sold in the Community Shop.


iffley tapestry _6080068 IMG_2883 IMG_2887 mathmatical bridge

Mathematical Bridge at Iffley Lock

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Special notice about help available in Iffley Village rev.2  - see the arrangements at this link

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.. see the Friends of Iffley Twitter 'feed' (@friendsofiffley) on the bottom left of this page (note that you can scroll back to earlier tweets).


01 Aug 2020  .. letter from University of Oxford with their policy re. students living in the community - Covid-19 and health and safety plans  for students coming to Oxford from October - see letter to Friends of Iffley Village at link and on the Twitter feed.

13 July 2020 Links to latest FOIV Newsletter in a Tweet  and under FOIV Organisation menu.

17 June 2020: A significant development proposal in Iffley closeby the church: early consultation by Oxford University on rebuilding Court Place Gardens homes with a significant increase in number. Please give your views to the University at

Note that the tweet (below left) includes a location plan and a one page briefing by Friends of Iffley (briefing also availale at this link)


Friends of Iffley Village - Annual General Meeting 2020; Chair's report and the accounts now available via the Twitter feed  and in the 'AGM Minutes and Papers' under the FOIV organisation' menu heading above.


Other 'tweets' include:

- Transport survey launched by Oxfordshire County Council - deadline 17 May 2020; addresses climate change and air qualty; sets out transport vision for Oxfordshire for helping to develop a zero-carbon economy for the county to benefit health and wellbeing of residents.

- Download link for Friends of Iffley Newsletter Apr 2020

- February 2020 - warning about doorstep callers potentially checking properties under the guise of selling products (see on 'security' page).